Came prepared to get messy

and had a feast of a time!

As promised, our own Glinda the Good Witch (Anke) brewed a fun filled, messy morning with a nature theme: pictures crafted from dry leaves, chestnut animals, pumpkins carved for Halloween night and masks were made for the theatre.


In honour of All Saints Day, which was just around the corner, the kids had fun dressing up and acting out the fights, the honour, the compassion of various saints: Gorge (patron Saint of England) Francis, Elizabeth of Hungry, Mother Theresa and the Melanesian Brothers of the Solomon Islands.  Can you tell which Saint is the focus of attention in these scenes?















And naturally, we ended our morning with a spooky lunch of blood soup; mummies, witches fingers, and pumpkin cookies. All yummy – and all consumed. Our thanks to everyone who came out and shared in the fun.