2012 June


Came prepared to get messy and had a feast of a time!

Messy Church – Saturday June 30

Story of Noah’s Ark

The theme was the story of Noah’s Ark.  It was about obedience to and trusting God.  Noah built an ark for him, his family and two of all living creatures.   This was followed by 40 days and 40 nights of rain, causing floods that lasted close to a year, the purpose of which was not to destroy humankind, but to cleanse the earth of wickendness and sin.   Finally when the year was over, God sent a rainbow in the clouds, a sign of God’s promise to never do anything like that again.

Due to the inclement weather, Messy Chuch brought the beach to the church (sand and all). Hands-on crafts included creating colourful sun visors, decorating rocks, face painting and naturally – we built an Ark!

And then we took it to the beach, loaded it up with (toy) animals and set it a float.   After which the rainbow came out and once it landed on the Ark, the children started to gather around to remove their animals to safety.









Once everyone returned from the beach, the were greated with blankets on the floor and brown bag lunches for everyone.   To finish the year off, the kids were asked to break down the festive piñata full of  – what else – CANDY!

Our thanks to everyone who came out today! We hope to see you again in September.   Have a wonderful summer!



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