About Messy Church

Drawing people of all ages together to experience the Love of God and community!

Messy Church

I’ll tell you what its not. Its not cleaning the church, so don’t worry, you aren’t being asked to do any work like that!

The idea for Messy Church comes from the UK, where a woman named Lucy Moore was very conscious of the ever growing disconnect between church and the wider community; people, especially busy families! Especially in an age when people are searching for spiritual things, and are also looking for an experience, not just to be talked or preached at, Lucy Moore was searching for a way to engage in a friendly, welcoming, inviting and non-threatening way. What they came up with was Messy Church, using food and creativity as the points of engagement. Messy Church uses story, songs, crafts, and food to engage and share with people who are looking for a church experience for their kids and themselves. But make no mistake, it isn’t your traditional Sunday School – one thing that makes a difference is that it is a whole family affair, Grand-parents to babes-in-arms, and everyone in between. You have to be willing to get your hands messy, release that inner child, and to engage in the activities with your family; it is not day care, or child minding – it is for the family to engage in the story, and the crafts, which are related to the story, to sing, and learn, and then share a meal together.

At St. David’s we have been doing this since September of 2010, and we do it once a month. Sometimes we have 50 people, and sometimes we have 10. It doesn’t matter how many show up, what matters is getting to know people, and hearing their stories, and then engaging in a spiritual journey with them. We invite you to come and share your journey with us!