About our Church

About our Church

The spirit of the St. David-By-The-Sea has been a part of Cordova Bay and its community since 1944.   A group of Anglican women began meeting regularly at the home of one of its members.   The friendships grew to include Sunday school and the first one, in 1946, included 22 children.   That same year the Women’s Guild raised $600 to buy land from Cordova Bay resident Mr. Sutcliffe.  The Parish Hall’s cornerstone was laid May 29, 1947, but it wasn’t until November 30, 1979 that St. David’s congregation finally achieved its dream, dedicating the building that exists today on the corner of Cordova Bay Road and Sutcliffe Road.  **

The official end of the Three Saints Ministry occurred on 31 May 2012, leaving St Michael and All Angels to continue on its own. St. David’s and St Peter’s Lakehill, 3939 St. Peter’s Road, Victoria remained partners in a collaborative ministry, part of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia.

St. David’s remains an integral part of the Cordova Bay community.  In addition to Sunday services, it hosts a Messy Church monthly through the school year.  It is also the home of Cordova Bay Co-op Preschool and Pacific Dance Centre.



Click on the pictures to see and read a short article on the opening of St. David’s!


Click HERE to read an article from the Saanich Heritage Register 2008 – Cordova Bay, you will find the article about St. David’s on pg. 63

**This is abridged from “Sea*Lake Recollections and History of Cordova Bay and Elk Lake” by Anne Pearson