Welcome to another season of Messy Church!

 To kick started the season with Thanksgiving and making wonderful Thanksgiving messes. Check out the turkeys made from apples. There was vegetable printing, drawing, building… something for all.

While the group was busy creating, these elves were busy preparing a feast for noon.

Anke’s theme today was about healing and giving thanks.  The story was about the plight of the lepers. It’s a disease that looked bumpy and completely changed the way a person looked.  Many would try to hide it as long as they could before they were kicked out of the city and had to live outside.  They would wrap themselves in cloths.  Everyone participated, wrapping gauze to hide the disease.

Youth leader Hannah played Jesus and arrived in the nick of time to heal the sick and injured..


And what do we say when we receive a gift?  “Thank you!”  We all appreciate a word of thanks and this is the season to really focus on it.  Things that the class were grateful for:

  • Legs that allowed them to run fast
  • Homes to live in
  • Air we breathe
  • Friendship
  • Mom and Dad
  • Toys
  • Alas even school, although that took a bit more convincing
  • Messy Church
  • And each other for coming and sharing the day.

See you at the next Messy Church – Sat November 1st!